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Olly Bridge wins the 2017 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton

Olly and Steph Bridge have taken out the 2017 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton, in Fremantle, Western Australia.

The event attracted a record-breaking number of 140 kiteboarders from all corners of the globe and got underway with clear blue skies and 17 knots of wind.

The British duo claimed the men’s and women’s titles and repeated the feat of 2014, but it was Olly who crossed the finish line first with a total time of 19 minutes, 34 seconds, and 42 seconds.


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Insane Kitesurfing Stunt – 277m high with Nick Jacobsen!!!!!

After Jesse Richman set the record back in 2013, being towed up by a boat to a height of 240m using his kitesurfing kite, Nick Jacobsen has finally had the opportunity to beat him. Smashing the record, soaring to 277m high! …več

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Kevin Langeree gets up close with the Volvo Ocean Race.

They’re the worlds fastest ocean racers, and Kevin Langeree wanted to try and keep up with them on his kiteboard… …več

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The most incredible lighting storm seen to date.

Slowly spreading across the sky, a lightning bolt in super slow motion is mesmerizing to watch. Absorb yourself in it right now! …več

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277 meters: Nick Jacobsen breaks kite tow-up world record

Nick Jacobsen set a new kite tow-up world record in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Danish kiteboarder flew his kite 277 meters (908.8 feet) high in the sky with the help of Team Brunel, a sailing team who competes in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Jacobsen attached himself to nearly 500 meters of rope, which was dragged behind the 65-foot yacht. Kyle Langford, the trimmer for Team Brunel and a kitesurfer himself, managed the release of the line that got the stuntman up in the sky.


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Six-year-old kid goes kiteboarding with an IKEA Frakta bag

Necessity is the mother of invention. Here’s how a simple creation transforms a kid’s life.

It is one of the oldest kite sails in the history of kiteboarding. The Ikea Frakta carrier bag continues to serve as the weapon of choice for first-timers into the sport.

Now, let’s meet Frederik. He is six years old, and he wants to ride a kite. His dad, Soren, thought of a small kite that could propel him across the windy waters.


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Action Sports WA is looking for more instructors!

Got your kitesurfing certification and looking to teach kitesurfing in WA? …več

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5X World Champion Aaron Hadlow coming to Perth – for a race!

Winner of five consecutive Pro Kiteboard Riders’ Association (PKRA) world titles, Aaron Hadlow, will return to Perth next month (9 December) to defend his 2016 Red Bull Lighthouse to Leighton (RBL2L) Twin Tip title. …več

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2017’s biggest release ‘The Bubble’ out now FREE!

“More than anything this is just a metaphor for the funny little world we live in. We all know it doesn’t last forever so we’re just enjoying it while we can.” – Craig Cunningham …več

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