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IFKO accuses the International Olympic Committee of abuse of dominant position

The president of the International Federation of Kitesports Organizations (IFKO) wrote a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) with two requests and six questions.

Diogo Fernandes is asking Thomas Bach to overturn IOC’s negative influence over the governance of all kite disciplines.

The sport of kiteboarding is currently under the governance of World Sailing, via International Kiteboarding Association (IKA) and Global Kitesports Association.


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Season Launch Kiteboarding Expo

Giveaways, new gear, summer, bbq, community. Season 2018-19 is coming! …več

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Ready to take your kitesurfing skill to the mountains?

Imagine a sport that combines the freedom and exhilaration of kiteboarding, with the physical challenge and adventure of skiing and snowboarding!

Join Zephyr Kite Tours in Thredbo NSW snowfields this winter, and we’ll open your eyes to the awesome spor …več

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Freestylers get ready for the 2018 World Kiteboarding Championships

The world’s best professional freestyle kiteboarders are about to kick off a new season.

The first event of the year marks the end of an era. The World Kiteboarding League (WKL) is no longer the official tour of freestyle. It has been replaced by a brand created by the Kiteboard Riders Association (KRU).

KRU wants riders to run the show. They do not want companies taking over the competitive format, the prize money politics, and the selection of the venues.


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Pat Goodman will design kites for North Kiteboarding

Pat Goodman has been announced as the new Chief Kite Designer of North Kiteboarding.

The decision comes one month after the end of the partnership between the North Technology Group (NTG) and Boards & More, co-founders of the kiteboarding brand.

An industry authority on kite design and innovation for the past 18 years, Goodman’s ability to understand and translate rider requirements into high-performance kite designs puts him among the world’s most awarded, respected and successful kite designers.


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19 seconds of hang time: Airton Cozzolino sets a new strapless record

Airton Cozzolino is pushing big air kiteboarding forward so fast that his opponents can’t even get close to his flow of new tricks and hang time.

The 2018 GKA Air Games Sotavento will go down as one of the greatest big air events of all time, not only for the competitive side of it but also for what Cozzolino did.

The truth is that he’s riding bigger kites, and he makes it look easy.


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Florian Gruber and Sofia Tomasoni crowned TwinTip Racing world champions

Florian Gruber and Sofia Tomasoni have claimed the 2018 TwinTip: Racing (TT:R) World Championships, in Gizzeria, Italy.

After a faltering start, the local kite star, Tomasoni, was able to keep her composure and put an exclamation mark on the last day of races. It’s her first world title as a senior rider.

“I have no words to explain what just happened in the past five days. This is where I learned to kite. This is where my family is. I managed to change my mindset. I’m stoked!” expressed Sofia Tomasoni, who had already won the TT:R youth world title in the past.


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Xantos Villegas secures first gold medal in kiteboarding’s Olympic era

Xantos Villegas, a 32-year-old kitesurfer from Mexico, climbed the podium to accept the gold medal at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games held in Barranquilla, Columbia.

This is the first time the Formula Kite class is included in the regional games of an Olympic cycle and represents a historic moment for the sport.

The gold was secured after Xantos won first place in fourteen out of the fifteen races over the course of four days. The wind conditions were strong, blowing at 19-25 knots per day, while the protected bay provided flat waters.


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WAKSA is now Kiteboarding Western Australia!

With the changes in the national body from AKSA to Kiteboarding Australia, WA are getting aligned… …več

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Mario and Sol steal the show in Cabarete

Carlos Mario and Mikaili Sol have taken out the 2018 GKA Air Games Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic.

The event had perfect wind conditions. In the finals day, Carlos combined his new school freestyle expertise with classic moves, including creative wake-style tricks, and board-off triple front rolls.

“I had a good result here, and I worked very hard for it. I want to congratulate all athletes – the level is very high – and Jesse, an incredible rider to compete against,” said Mario.


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