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The 2018 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour schedule

The Global Kitesports Association announced the full schedule for the 2018 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour.

The strapless freestyle and wave kitesurfing series will feature six stages held in five different countries. However, two extra dates in Ireland and Brazil may be added later in the season.

The world’s best kite riders will compete for two officially sanctioned world titles, as determined by World Sailing.


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Kitesurfing in a flooded Paris football field

Paris’ Seine River reached the highest level in over a century, and heavy floods took over France’s capital.

However, what has become a nightmare for the majority of the citizens, it also created unexpected opportunities for inland kitesurfers.

Parisian kiteboarders woke up on the weekend and were greeted by a flooded football field in Bagatelle, near the Longchamp Racecourse.


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Kevin Langeree crowned 2018 Red Bull King of the Air champion

Kevin Langeree has taken out the 2018 Red Bull King of the Air, in Cape Town’s Kite Beach, South Africa.

The world’s craziest kiteboarding competition is over, and there was unbelievable action unfolding in front of thousands of ecstatic big air kiteboarding fans.

The judges were looking for extreme big airs, and variety of maneuvers, and wind was giving athletes the boost they needed to perform huge jumps and loops.


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Australian Freestyle Kiteboarding Nationals in Perth 2018

It’s been 12 years since the Australian Kiteboarding Freestyle Nationals have been in Western Australia. …več

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How much does kiteboarding gear cost?

When you’re getting into kiteboarding and buying gear, you’re investing in your physical and mental health. So, is kitesurfing an expensive hobby? What is the cost of entry into the sport?

Kitesurfing equipment only became widely available in the late 1990s. That said, the wind sport is still living its early days.

Since the turn of the millennium, kite gear evolved and got safer thanks to several technical updates and mechanical developments. However, with the progression in equipment, prices kept relatively stable through time.


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