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From backyard SUP project, to company, to Nicaragua…

Tony Smith is the guy behind a small company making SUPS in the US, and he tells an incredible story of his journey from making a project SUP in his backyard, to paddling down tiny rivers in Nicaragua where nobody has ever seen a stand up paddle board. …več

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The most incredible lighting storm seen to date.

Slowly spreading across the sky, a lightning bolt in super slow motion is mesmerizing to watch. Absorb yourself in it right now! …več

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddlers

tand up paddle boards don’t fit underneath Christmas trees, so we’ve got 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Stand Up Paddlers that won’t break the bank, (in fact they’re all under $50!) …več

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King of the cut 2017 – track the competitors online

For the first time, competitors will wear tracking devices and can be followed in real time …več

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Join the Stand Up Paddle Sports team in WA

Work in the SUP and Kitesurfing Industry and help others enjoy the stoke. …več

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JP’s NEW 2018 line of SUP boards in Maui and Croatia

The appeal might not be the fun, the fitness or the competition. SUP might be about the escape from technology… …več

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SUP Foiling for Beginners

Looking to learn the absolute basics of SUP foiling? This video from Horue will show you how to get started. …več

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Linking not two, but six waves while SUP foiling!

This is some of the smoothest SUP foiling you’ve seen yet, from Zane Schwietzer …več

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Why are SUP Foils so Expensive??

How can a tiny little piece of composite cost as much as an entire SUP? Here’s three reasons why SUP Foils are so expensive (but totally worth it!) …več

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