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Elemental are looking for SUP instructors!

Starting September 2017 until end of April 2018.
There will be full-time and part-time positions available. …več

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What Nasties Are Lurking Inside your Stand Up Paddle Board?

Reducing wastage, using eco based resins, and even constructing deck pads out of Algae are just a few ways Surftech are making your stand up paddle boards better for the environment. …več

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10 reasons to train as a SUP Instructor?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the fastest growing water sport.
Why? It’s extremely versatile and one which offers many options. From downwinding,
surfing, racing, SUP touring, SUP fitness and SUP yoga to name but a few. The basics of SUP are also fairly …več

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Ready for a real Sea Change?

Retail job opportunity in the SUP industry …več

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This Stand Up Paddling Trick Was Impossible 12 Months ago!

Austin Kalama has just taken the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing to a new level. Not only is he up in the air, foiling on wave, but he’s worked out how to perform complete aerials with his Go Foil! …več

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Best Stand Up Paddle Board for Surfing

We help you through the SUP lingo that all the major stand up paddle board brands use, so you can choose the best board for surfing! …več

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Stand Up Paddle Boards for Sale

New, Used, Second Hand, Ex-Demo and Closeout Stock Stand Up Paddle Boards, Paddles, Equipment and Accessories. Right here online! …več

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From Redcliffe to Townsville – One Man, One SUP!

To mark his 8th year sober, Matt Scarce chose to set himself a challenge, to paddle from Redcliffe to Townsville in 28 days. …več

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Starboard release their fastest race SUP range yet!

New shapes, refined volumes, and more little features than you can see with the naked eye. That’s the new race SUP’s from Starboard! …več

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A SUP Hydrofoil for Racing – No pumping required!

No Wind. No Motor. No Waves. This board just requires paddle power to fly. But is it faster? …več

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