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Taihitian SUP Air Festival, Expeditions and more

Starboard delivers the latest news from the Stand Up Paddle World. …več

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Fanatic City – SUP Vienna

Enjoy the SUP paddle around Vienna! …več

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Hottest International SUP Races of 2018

Molokai 2 Oahu, also known as the M20, features a race among SUP champions from more than 30 different countries. …več

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Commuting and Foraging via SUP

Fishing and SUPing on your way to work sounds like a pretty good way to commute doesn’t it! A lucky chef, called Will has devised a contraption that allows him to catch dinner on a Red Paddle Co SUP whilst on his way to work…jealous? …več

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The Danish Viking paddled 137 km from Denmark to Norway

“I didn’t feel that I conquered Skagerrak. I feel that Skagerrak conquered me” …več

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Fun summer lifestyle business opportunity

Stand Up Paddleboarding Van + Trailer of SUPs/Paddles for Sale in Safety Bay / Shoalwater …več

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