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Last year you may remember we published an article ‘8 Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Windsurfer’ . Well, while there may be certain number of reasons you shouldn’t… there’s also plenty of reasons you should…

1 . You’ll get to spend plenty of time at the beach… and who doesn’t like the beach?

2. Broaden Your Horizons Through the Means of Travel

Dating a windsurfer you’ll have a bunch of opportunities to travel as they’ll go everywhere and anywhere in the search of wind, so you’ll get to explore not just your …več

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How freestyle windsurfing looked back in the day

Windsurfing is a relatively new sport. When it evolved from a cruising pastime to a high-performance outdoor activity, new doors opened, and freestyle windsurfing quickly became a hit.

The idea of performing exquisite, and sometimes slightly uncomfortable and unnatural tricks, started to take shape in the late 1970s, early 1980s.

Windsurfing pioneers understood that the sail pivots around the mast and that their boards could actually spin, turn, revolve and rotate. The discovery changed everything, and the water sport conquered new participants.


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Another Day at the Office

Tristan Algret (Starboard / Severne / Chopper Fins) is a two-time PWA Youth World Champion in slalom – 2013 and ’14 – and has recorded several top ten finishes on the world tour. In the final event of 2017 the 24-year-old was within one gybe of winning his first elimination and he surely has a bright future in the world of racing.

Algret is lucky enough to call Guadeloupe home and his latest video is filmed in those beautiful turquoise waters.

You can see Tristan Algret training in ‘Just Another Day at the Office’ @ – …več

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Burner – Jacopo Testa

A very dynamic Burner by Italian windsurfer Jacopo Testa in really light wind conditions.

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Synchronised Windsurfing

Julien Mas (JP / Gun Sails) and Sam Esteve (JP / NeilPryde) are back with their next instalment of synchronised freestyle. Previously they have filmed in Crete, Greece, but this time their adventure took them to Dakhla, Morocco, which is famed for it’s howling offshore winds and glassy flat water.

Julien Mas: “After Windsurf duo in Crête, let’s go to Morocco!!

It’s a beautiful place where you can combine windsurfing when it’s windy with surfing when there is no wind.

We had so much fun there. People from there are very funny 🙂 particularly the police…

Our latest edit is filmed in …več

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Frontside Cutback – Adam Lewis

What a nice frontside cutback by Adam Lewis at Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

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Lennart Neubauer with rad freestyle action from Bonaire

Lennart Neubauer, the talented grom from Naxos with German sailnumber, is on a new level. He spent a few week son Bonaire and Kuma Movie filmed his latest action: rad Burners, rad Konos,….. Len, you are on fire!! Thumbs up. All your moves look so effortless. Lennart Neubauer with radical freestyle windsurfing action, filmed in […]

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Back loop one footed – Ricardo Campello

Back loop one footed with a very nice soft landing.

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Youth + Junior PWA Slalom World Cup

In January, the first PWA Youth World Cup was held in Almerimar, Spain, at Victor Fernandez’s (Fanatic / NorthSails) Windsurfing Centre. The event hosted two disciplines – wave and slalom – but unfortunately it was only possible to gain a result in the wave discipline.

However, in just a couple of weeks the next generation of racers will be raring to go again as they get ready to compete in their second event of the year in Mar Menor (region of Murcia, the Alcázares), Spain, between 2nd-5th May.

The contest will be divided into the following age categories:

– Under 20s – MAX …več

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Spock – Lina Erzen

Lina Erzen is 12 years-old and masters Spocks. Great!

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